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June 27, 2011

Youtube: Planet of the Not Very Bright Apes

Well, speaks for itself. But before the trolls start accusing me of calling them monkeys I say this – PAY ATTENTION – I CALL EVERYONE, INCLUDING MYSELF, A MONKEY.

June 27, 2011

Low carbon price, compo and steeper price climb later?

That was the gist of the front page of the Australian Financial Review, which claimed there’d been a deal between Labour and Greens, with the Greens accepting more compo for (polluting) industry than the Greens want, in exchange for a steeper climb of the carbon price in the medium term.  Apparently two weeks from a decision/announcement out of the MPCCC, and then lots of “public relations” (or, if you’re against this, as a majority of the Australian public are currently, “propaganda”) during the winter parliamentary recess…