Tiser Watch

Tiser Tiser burping shite
For the forces of the right
What immortal hand or eye
Could fray thy fear’d asymmetry?

(with apologies to William Blake)

This page will be for fact-checking the columnists (except Andrew Bolt – there are some depths even I will not plumb. Life is too short) and the letters page of the wonderful Adelaide Advertiser.
It will be useful practice for spotting and dealing with the regular denialist memes.
Response letters to the rubbish will be written and posted – and perhaps even published in the Tiser?!

See my posts
June 6 “How not to report a rally” – analysis of these convenient (and skewed!) surveys as a way of not having to report community enthusiasm for a carbon tax.
The Volcano Lovers – Climate Denialism in the Tiser (May 30)
New (for me) denialist meme in the Tiser (June 1st)

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