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June 14, 2011

Rupert’s mum wants a carbon tax

See here.

Somehow I don’t think she’ll get monstered and smeared in the papers the way that Cate Blanchett did.

Come on, fearless Andrew Bolt – take a pop at your employer’s mum, if you think you’re hard enough.

UPDATE 10am. By which I mean not a “some of my critics will wonder if I am going to mention that the mother of the owner of this newspaper has announced her support for a carbon tax. Well, I am a brave and independent commentator, and I confound these critics by saying, yes, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch wants a carbon tax, and yes, I think she is wrong. She and I and her son – unlike the foaming children on the Left and the climate alarmists – are adults and are not afraid of differences of opinion” but a “what’s this ancient out-of-touch do-gooder doing butting in on issues she knows nothing about…” on the level he attacks Blanchett, Flannery and all the other “warmists.” My money is on the former rather than the latter…

May 28, 2011

“Climate Politics in Australia” for beginners

There is a long blog post called “Climate Politics in Australia” at the The Daily Maybe. It’s not terribly accurate perhaps, but it gives a bit of a picture…

Here’s the first bit of it.

Climate Politics in Australia seem to me, a recently returned ex-pat, both fascinating and depressing. The Labor Government, only in power with the agreement of a small band of independents and a Green, are trying to push through a carbon tax that will morph into an emissions scheme. The Opposition, led by a man whose position on the reality of climate change changes from day to day, is calling for an election on the issue. Meanwhile, the “climate movement” is punching below its weight and is – by the admission of knowledgeable participants – all at sea.

As little history as I think you’ll read.
The history of White Settlement in Australia is a litany of careless extraction. Whether it was cutting down trees in, extracting the value of the soil via sheep and cattle or mining and exporting gold, the economy and mindset has always been one of pillaging natural resources and worrying about the consequences later, if at all.