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June 21, 2011

#Tisertosh 22 June: Volcanically stupid

Normal service has resumed. On Monday the Advertiser published about 5 letters all pushing the “carbon dioxide is only 0.038% of the atmosphere” line (presumably they keep them all and theme them?)
Yesterday they published a couple of rebuttals (not mine) among the usual tosh. This was a false and fleeting glimmer of sanity because today they’ve pulled out the latest batch of “volcanoes” letters. (Presumably on Friday or Saturday will come the “sunspots” letters?)
The Advertiser is in breach of any recognisable standard of responsibility or decency. If they had a shred of either they would hire a reputable peer-reviewed climate scientists to write a weekly column based on the beserk nonsense that is sent in (and that they continue to publish).

Just for the record:
Well, 145-255 million tonnes(metric) of CO2 are emitted by volcanoes annually. Compare with ~348 million metric tons of global CO2 emissions in 2006 from the cement industry alone.

I get my facts – from those noted climate alarmists … the US Geological Survey.

PS The top letter in the Tiser today does that classic thing of claiming that there is still a debate among the world’s scientists and pointing to a totally bogus petition. What a species. Not just the letter writer, but the Tiser staff who do this, and the sheeple (myself included) sleep-walking to catastrophe.

June 21, 2011

Carbon tax would need to be $60 per tonne…

This from those noted communists and techno-phobes at the Australian Financial Review (21 June 2011)

$60 will cut it: energy experts
by Matthew Dunckley

Energy experts have warned that a carbon price must be higher than that already flagged by the government to produce the desired shift in the shape of Australia’s energy generation.
The federal government is in negotiations with the independents and the Greens to strike the price that the nation’s top greenhouse gas emitters will pay, but the government has already indicated the starting price will be much less than $40 per tonne.
Creative Energy Solutions director Carl Daley said if the government still wanted to achieve a 5 per cent cut in emissions by 2020 compared to 2000 levels, as signalled under the junked carbon pollution reduction scheme, it would need to put a much higher price on carbon.

Pigs will fly.

June 21, 2011

Official: Oceans knackered

Richard Black from the BBC reports

The oceans are in a worse state than previously suspected, according to an expert panel of scientists.

In a new report, they warn that ocean life is “at high risk of entering a phase of extinction of marine species unprecedented in human history”.

They conclude that issues such as over-fishing, pollution and climate change are acting together in ways that have not previously been recognised. (emphasis added)


You mean, if we start hacking away at complex systems that we don’t really understand, then there might be interactions and feedback loops that make for unpleasant surprises? Who knew?

June 21, 2011

Abbott sparks hilarity

Ah, the man is comedy gold. “We must have a referendum!!” he bellows. It gets him a few front pages, dominates the news (ltd) cycle. He then somewhat spoils the effect by admitting that if the vote doesn’t go the way he wants, he’ll ignore it

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