Low carbon price, compo and steeper price climb later?

That was the gist of the front page of the Australian Financial Review, which claimed there’d been a deal between Labour and Greens, with the Greens accepting more compo for (polluting) industry than the Greens want, in exchange for a steeper climb of the carbon price in the medium term.  Apparently two weeks from a decision/announcement out of the MPCCC, and then lots of “public relations” (or, if you’re against this, as a majority of the Australian public are currently, “propaganda”) during the winter parliamentary recess…

One Comment to “Low carbon price, compo and steeper price climb later?”

  1. The Carbon Tax has been the death of Labor.

    Time will tell.

    Thankfully this bizarre policy experiment will be dead and buried for a generation.

    Whereas of course Abbott’s “direct action” approach is sane and rational.

    The rest of your comment – and all future comments from you Helen- will be deleted until you put up or shut up, and answer all the questions I posted in response to your last comment. As a “thinking moderate” do you accept the science of climate change. In my experience, denialists often like to hide behind claims that they are “thinking moderates.” Go on, prove me wrong.

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