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June 30, 2011

Youtube: “C02 is only 0.038% of the atmosphere”…

Speaks for itself

June 29, 2011

AFR: “NAB chief backs Labor climate plan”

Brief clippings from today’s AFR…

Australian Financial Review 29 June 2011

NAB chief backs Labor climate plan

Marcus Priest and Andrew Cornell

Labor’s carbon price scheme has gained strong backing from National Australia Bank chief executive Cameron Clyne but the government has faltered in the sales pitch for its household compensation package.
As signs emerged that Labor will struggle to reach a deal on carbon with the Greens and key NSW independents within weeks, Mr Clyne said the government’s plan offered certainty to drive investment, rating it economically superior to the Coalition’s “direct action plan”….

His comments follow those of Westpac Banking Corp chief executive Gail Kelly, who said last month that a carbon price was an “important economic reform and the single most effective policy mechanism for addressing climate change and preparing Australia for the global low carbon operating environment.”

[for the record, Rio Tinto’s boss demurs]


MPCCC talks continue today, with Rob Oakeshott sticking around in Canberra rather than fly to Perth for a speaking gig at the Australian Mining and Exploration Companies thing in Perth (the one where brainac Christopher Monckton is sharing his latest pearls of wisdom).

“The major issues dividing the committee are over assistance to coal-fired power generators and coal-mines, but other crucial issues include setting emissions reduction targets when a fixed carbon price moves to an emissions trading scheme, as well as energy efficiency measures.”

Ross Garnaut shouting from sidelines that independent governance is crucial, and that the more compensation there is for coal-fired generators the less there is for tax cuts and innovation.

June 29, 2011

Indaily repost: Carbon tax confuses most SA small businesses

This from Indaily

BUSINESS confidence has tumbled in South Australia during the quarter to be the lowest level in the nation, according to the Sensis Business Index released today.

The report reveals 89 per cent of local businesses have either no understanding of, or only partial understanding of the proposed carbon tax.


That figure will drop after Labour starts explaining it, before during and after the carbon tax legislation hits parliament.

June 28, 2011

Labour starts throwing the money around…

This from AAP, via InDaily

The federal government’s much awaited carbon tax compensation package will include an additional payment to 110,000 households that rely on essential medical equipment at home.

These people have high electricity costs due to their use of equipment, such as a dialysis machine or other life support devices at home.

They will receive a special annual cash payment that will fully cover the average price increase of electricity from the carbon price, in addition to all other household assistance they are eligible for.

The medical equipment payment did not exist under Labor’s shelved carbon pollution reduction scheme (CPRS).


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June 28, 2011

Repost: “What Australians Really Think About Climate Change”

Instead of assertion from denialists or pro-taxers, here’s some actual proper research (based on decent sized poll, asking a series of questions, from academics rather than push-pollers.)

Well worth a read…

See also Larvatus Prodeo on “Rudd, Gillard, the CPRS and public opinion.”

June 27, 2011

Youtube: Planet of the Not Very Bright Apes

Well, speaks for itself. But before the trolls start accusing me of calling them monkeys I say this – PAY ATTENTION – I CALL EVERYONE, INCLUDING MYSELF, A MONKEY.

June 27, 2011

Low carbon price, compo and steeper price climb later?

That was the gist of the front page of the Australian Financial Review, which claimed there’d been a deal between Labour and Greens, with the Greens accepting more compo for (polluting) industry than the Greens want, in exchange for a steeper climb of the carbon price in the medium term.  Apparently two weeks from a decision/announcement out of the MPCCC, and then lots of “public relations” (or, if you’re against this, as a majority of the Australian public are currently, “propaganda”) during the winter parliamentary recess…

June 26, 2011

Al Gore on “Climate of Denial”

I”m not the hugest fan of Al Gore, but this long article in the latest edition of “Rolling Stone” is well worth a read…



June 25, 2011

Weekly Roundup #3: June 18 to 25

If YOU get involved, Adelaide Climate News will live beyond September. Otherwise it’s “so long, and thanks for all the fish.” Email with offers of time and/or expertise (you need to know – or be willing to learn – how to write stories, update websites and a few other things.)

Weekly Update #3

Events in Adelaide

National Climate News

International Climate Politics and other (un)natural disasters
Bonn: UNFCCC is very very dead in the water. Even Yvo de Boer says so.
Meanwhile, they are so desperate that they’re looking at geoengineering.

Other reading and watching encountered

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June 24, 2011

Youtube: The Anthropocene in a digital minute

Why am I doing this? For the record. The fossil record…