Bluffer’s Guides

OK, I don’t know about you, but I have trouble keeping my Committees and my Commissions and taxes and likely-outcomes straight in my head. So, I’ve done a bunch of “bluffer’s guides,” mostly to get it straight(ish) in my head. Hope they are some use to other people. Comments (especially constructive criticism) very welcome, to

Here are the ones I’ve done so far
The Post-Garnaut Algorithm
Taxing Times: Those for and against a carbon tax
The Climate Commission: A Bluffer’s Guide

The Multi-Party Climate Change Committee: A Bluffer’s Guide
A guide to the business groups opposing a carbon tax
A twitcher’s guide to Australian charismatic climactic megafauna
Are there others that need doing? I was thinking of  maybe a ‘spotters guide’ to denialists?

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