Time Line Australia 2007 -2011

NB This is very much a work in progress. Please feel free to mention errors, omissions etc.


30 April Garnaut Review set up, commissioned by then Opposition leader Kevin Rudd and six (Labour) state leaders. (see wikipedia here)
31 May Prime Ministerial Task Group on Emissions Trading releases its report
4 June Prime Minister John Howard announces will bring in an emissions-trading scheme if re-elected.
24 November KevinRudd elected, having proclaimed climate change to be “the greatest moral challenge of our generation”
3 December Rudd ratifies Kyoto Protocol, goes to Bali UNFCCC conference
December Penny Wong becomes the first Minister for Climate Change


21 February Interim Garnaut Report released
4 July Draft Garnaut Report released
16 July Green Paper released promising legislation by end of 2008
30 September Final Garnaut Report released
30 October Treasury report on costs of mitigation released
15 December Final White Paper on Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme released


31 Jan Climate Action groups surround Parliament, denouncing the CPRS, calling for stronger action. (See website here)
4 May Changes to the CPRS – some enviro groups come on board.
November further CPRS ‘changes’ (that is, dilutions and giveaways)
1 December Malcolm Turnbull defeated by Tony Abbott, who becomes new Liberal Party leader
2 December Senate fails to pass legislation. Double dissolution? Nope…
3-17 December Copenhagen UNFCCC conference. Calamity!


27 April Rudd gives up on CPRS
24 June Rudd overthrown in backroom coup, Julia Gillard becomes Prime Minister
21 August Federal Election (see wikipedia entry here)
Gillard forms minority government
27 September Multi-Party Climate Change Committee set up. Coalition declines the invite…
November Ross Garnaut commissioned by the Australian Government to provide an independent update to his 2008 Climate Change Review.


February and March The Garnaut Climate Change Review—Update 2011 released a series of papers addressing developments across a range of areas including: climate change science and impacts, international mitigation progress, carbon pricing, land, innovation, and the electricity sector.
10 February 2011 Climate Change & Energy Efficiency Minister Greg Combet announces Climate Commission, with Tim Flannery in the Chair
24 February 2011 Julia Gillard announces the climate change framework outlining the broad architecture for a carbon price mechanism which has been considered by the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee.
5 April Rudd does the “it was a mistake not to go to an election” line on ABC’s Q and A
31 May Ross Garnaut’s final report presented to Julia Gillard
1 July Greens take control of Senate
July-ish Legislation to be proposed, horse-traded and – barring incident or accident – passes, becoming The Law as of July 1 2012…
28 November to 9 December Next UNFCCC debacle, in South Africa


July 1 2012 Carbon Tax/ETS to become law??


July – latest date for next Federal Election

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