Adelaide Climate News will be a source of news and analysis about local and national climate issues. It is non-partisan, and not supportive of any particular campaigning group or style of activism.

It will try to express the urgency of the issue, and reflect on the reasons for the weaknesses in the response so far from government, business and ‘civil society’.

This site will run from May 2011 until September 2011, unless someone else steps forward to continue it.

3 Comments to “About”

  1. A pseudonym would be “Biggus Dickus” or some such. AdelaideClimateNews is hardly a pseudonym.
    So let’s get this straight. You’re a big believer in individual rights, libertarian hero, but you don’t believe in a right to privacy or anonymity.
    Don’t hurry back, Iain.

  2. Iain writes –

    “Why are you afraid to let may comemnts appear here?”

    I answer Because the Internet is at or near capacity for un-spell-checked verbiage and might well implode under the weight of our species’ collective stoopidity.

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