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June 14, 2011

Impending events local and national

At a State Level, the Essential Services Commission of South Australia will present modelling on each of 4 solar feed-in tariff option, ahead of Parliament sitting again on June 21 to debate the State Government’s legislation to raise the tariff to 54c/kWh and close it off to new entrants from October.

See ‘Tiser story here.

At a federal level, this Friday sees a business round table discussion with the government on the issue. So expect to see all sorts of scare stories about the sky falling in the Murdoch “news”papers on Friday morning, and on Saturday. No change there then…

May 29, 2011

Sun setting on solar rebate?

There’s a v. good piece by Mike Smithson in the Sunday Mail (29/5/2011) on the issue of the soon-to-be-ended South Australian solar rebate.

DON’T rush out to purchase solar panels for your roof in the hope of saving big bucks courtesy of government kickbacks because you’ll be joining the end of a very long queue.

The Greens say new government measures to stop the stampede of householders cashing in on juicy rebates could have been better managed, and I agree.

The Rann Government has announced new legislation that will axe feed-in tariffs for new installations after September. That leaves the solar panel industry rushed off its feet for the next four months but then facing dark times.