New (for me) denialist meme in the Tiser

What a rubbish newspaper. I mean, really. Seems not to have covered the massive increase in global carbon dioxide emissions that the International Energy Agency announced (see Guardian story).
Doesn’t tell its readers that Ross Garnaut is in town tonight and that they could go hear for themselves.

And. Keeps. Publishing. Demented. Letters. From. Denialists.

Here’s my latest reply. It won’t get published, of course.

Colin Brooks (1/6/11) claims there is no scientific consensus on climate change. Actually, over 97% of scientists working in climatology and related fields agree with the proposition that the carbon dioxide released when we burn oil, coal and gas is warming the planet. (See Naomi Oreskes’ work for details.)
Mr Brooks then cites William Happer, a professor of optics and spectorscopy. Relying on him would be a bit like going to an gynecologist when you have a brain tumour that needs removing. That NASA and the US Navy apparently allow their men and women to breath air with higher levels of carbon dioxide than room air says something about human physiology. It says precisely nothing about what will happen to the habitability of this planet if we do not pull our heads in on human emissions of carbon dioxide. Droughts, heat waves and the collapse of agriculture don’t sound like much fun to me.

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