Sunday’s the day, Get Up “blackmail” and advertising campaign

So, we’re going to hear from the real Julia on Sunday about the details of the carbon tax/ETS scheme. Much bandied about is the $23 per tonne number and compensation this, exemption that. It could be easy to lose sight of the forest for the (not-planted-because-the-National-Party-wants-to-keep-clearing) trees.

and see youtube here.

Next up, from here: Get Up have written to a bunch of companies like companies including Coca-Cola, Heinz, Kraft, McDonald’s, Schweppes, Nestle, Arnotts, Colgate-Palmolive and Johnson & Johnson, saying its 57,000 members will be urged to boycott them if they oppose the proposed carbon tax.
This is after reports that the Australian Food and Grocery Council had signed up with a group campaigning against the government’s carbon tax package. Kate Carnell, Chief Executive of the Australian Food and Grocery Council,described the letter as blackmail and bullying.

I LOVE how these industry outfits call it blackmail and bullying when citizens organise to make consumption choices based on the ethics (or usually, lack thereof) of companies. They want all the rights of personhood without any of the responsibilities…

Finally, interesting report in yesterday’s Sydney Morning Herald about the impending fact-giving/state propaganda campaign(depending on your perspective) that we will all have the pleasure of over the coming weeks/months. Hope they hired the same company that did the mining one with the Vietnamese refugee kid – that stuff is SLICK.

One Comment to “Sunday’s the day, Get Up “blackmail” and advertising campaign”

  1. As I said yesterday, take a moment of your life, an hour is nothing, especially if it is going to be taken off your life by your ignorance in not wanting to listen, not taking any responsibility, not caring about anything but you, to consider that the fall out of doing nothing is catastrophic and that fall out is happening – NOW!
    This is the denial of WW11 all over again — Oh! No! That could not happen… let’s go to the footy and yell at the ump… when you get home take a moment and listen:
    Look for Paul Gilding

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