Youtube: Climate Change is a left-wing issue

Trolls keep telling me climate change is really a communist plot. And, as usual, they have all the evidence on their side. No, wait…

Click below for a four minute scroll through the mainstream politicians and big business who want action on climate change, followed by wild and provocative speculation on some of the psycho-social dynamics of denialism.


Not sure I’d characterise it as an old white guy thing. Sure, they mostly are old white guys and the dominance of grey haired old wrinkled faces is striking. But as I’m sure you know, it’s all about the values system that these old guys happen to have.
They would also say it’s not about control, they’d characterise it as the opposite – that it’s about small government and reducing the control government has over our lives. Check out this quote from Roy Spencer (which affirms the values basis for climate denial):
“I view my job a little like a legislator, supported by the taxpayer, to protect the interests of the taxpayer and to minimize the role of government.”

One Comment to “Youtube: Climate Change is a left-wing issue”

  1. I can’t understand why Australia must be made up of old white guys who are over 50 and have lost control of I’m not sure what…..

    I am sorry you can’t follow a straightforward argument. You also seem to need to create strawmen. That must make life scary. You have my sympathy.

    it started to ramble a tad. Any way, the facts are, 60% of Australians who vote, say Climate Change and Carbon Taxes and Greens are BS.

    Really. And your source for these claimed facts is? The recent CSIRO report showed 7% of the population are hard-core deniers. I also admire your insinuation that scientific facts are only facts if the majority of the population believe them. Fascinating.

    10% of voters, Greens, argee with your monotone dialoge linked above.

    Dialogue. Please, when you comment on other people’s sites, use the “spellcheck” function. You will not be commenting on this blog again.

    I do like the “wealth creators / wealth passengers”. Full marks for that statement.

    Me I’m just a simple chap who enjoys cruising, socialising, absolutely loves baiting the “wealth passengers” when I have spare time from work, family, mortgage.

    Snap! I have work, family and mortgage. And the relevance of this would be, um…

    I’m just a simple graduate from a “non vegie”, real University.

    And I am a simple graduate from two “non vegie” (?) real universities. So what? Shall we start calling you “the sphere,” because you do not seem to have a point?

    I only stumbled on Adelaide Climate Change because I had a Google out for that loon Flannery. (I like to read light entertaining blurbs before I crash at night).
    Anyhooo lets blog on Sunday when Julia and the Carbon tax implodes?

    let’s. Contraction of let us. Your waste of my time and electrons is over. Hope you enjoy the sane and balanced Bolt report, where you can be a Fearless Defender of the Truth to your heart’s content.

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