No Port in a Storm for Chris Monckton

crikey reports

Lord Christopher Monckton has slammed Port Adelaide Football Club for its decision to withdraw its venue for his speaking tour and accused activist group GetUp of betraying Australia’s historic principles of free speech.

One of the commenters nails it (IMHO)  How is this a ‘free speech’ issue? A private organisation has made a decision not to allow a bloke to speak at its venue.
Maybe the good Lord (soi-disant) will be a bit more careful throwing around Nazi slurs before going on speaking tours where the venues are … German clubs.  And this is a guy, who can’t even see three weeks ahead in his own wretched life, who wants to tell the world to ignore 97% of climate scientists.  Epic. Fail.

Still, the speaking fees won’t matter, since he has got a cure for HIV.


One Comment to “No Port in a Storm for Chris Monckton”

  1. “Australia’s historic principles of free speech”
    That too is part of his appeal I’ve realised of late; his overwhelming flattery of those he wishes to attract. Of course, as you’ve pointed out, if you’re not of his flavour, well you must be a communist or a Nazi…

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