AFR clippings 4th July

Business to pay fuel carbon tax
4 July 2011
Louise Dodson and Laura Tingle

Business will pay more for petrol and diesel through reduced fuel tax concessions under the carbon scheme being finalised by Labor, but individuals will be unaffected….
The exemption for motorists is a disappointment for the Greens and a win for rural independent MPs Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott….

Dumbing down carbon tax debate (page 23)
Alan Mitchell
So, the carbon tax debate is about to be enriched by the addition of yet another television advertising campaign – this one sponsored by business. Sadly, there may be some loss of subtlety in the translation from detailed discussion papers to plasma screen, particularly if business has its usual difficulty in distinguishing between legitimate issues of public policy and its own grubby rent-seeking.

And there’s a long profile piece on Greg Combet too, if that sort of thing floats your boat…

One Comment to “AFR clippings 4th July”

  1. It seems no one wants to pay. Watching the appalling perfomance of Tony Abbott on the 7.30 report where he was on the back foot for the whole short inteview, using the word, “pragmatic” as his back stop. From a climate change denialist this seems an oxymoron – him or the word? Then to switch to “Hot Cities” on SBS what was made pertinently clear is what a greedy, self serving nation we are.
    We are about to embark on the roughest ride humanity has faced, already 935,000,000 world wide are with food shortages and all we can think of is more – more digging up coal, more fossil fuel use. One billion cars in the world could reach 2 billion – only for the fact that the fossil fuel party is over, we have peaked out! – that won’t happen.
    If states like California can countenance the problems facing us why can’t we?
    We all have to pay!
    A good start would be shorter working hours, though some company’s I have bad dealings with no one is in on Monday and gone by Friday, already.
    A massive saving in CO2 emissions could be gleaned by a four day week and closing businesses on weekends!
    No one would miss out, the cost of living would fall, less money would go further.
    We no longer can have exponential growth – all considerations must be towards slowing our population growth, the word “Growth,” must disappear from the media, e.g., last week I heard SA had the worst growth in Australia – In my terms that means we are the best state.
    Then to think that you will be safe because government has been forced you to be exempt from any liability, that you don’t need to change is totally and morally inconsiderate of all who are to follow us.
    We don’t need the bleating of the mining companies wanting to dig it all up now.
    We need both sides of government to act bipartisan on this — meanwhile it is the Greens who hold the torch Abbott hides in the shade from.

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