Youtube: “C02 is only 0.038% of the atmosphere”…

Speaks for itself

One Comment to “Youtube: “C02 is only 0.038% of the atmosphere”…”

  1. Thank you Iain, for your customarily inaccurate comment.

    Of course what you seem to be ignoring in your piece is that the most significant green house gas and the real reason that this planet has a climate that is viable for life is WATER VAPOUR if there was no water vapour in our atmosphere our climate would not be liveable!!!
    You totally ignore it in your presentation,

    Oh dear, poor petal. You seem to have had the red mist descend (perhaps because you have peddled the “only 0.038% line yourself? I neither know nor care). You seem to have not seen (or conveniently ignored) the slide from 1.11 to 1.18

    “If it weren’t for the “greenhouse effect” – water vapour, carbon dioxide and so on – the Earth’s surface temperature would be <0"

    Still, it was only up for 7 seconds. Maybe your reading age isn't so high?

    By saying I "totally ignore" it – which is demonstrably false – you're really not doing much for your credibility are you? Or perhaps your real purpose is just to waste everyone's time? While getting attention. Not getting much attention in real life, Iain? Feeling neglected and under-apprecitated? Diddums.

    as if Co2 is the only thing that matters, further you ignore the natural CO2 cycles from non-anthropogenic sources in the biosphere as well!!!
    Mate you need to learn a bit more about science and how to appreciate the whole picture of how the climate works rather than just sprouting the religious dogma of the Gaian Faith. Frankly it does you no good at all to put vids like this one out there unless you just want to give sceptics like me the very biggest belly laughs at your scientific ineptitude!

    Oh, I’m so so wounded Iain. Given all the respect you’ve shown me in the past, from the very first trollmail you sent, this blistering and fact-based assessment by you has cut me to the quick. You are OBVIOUSLY such a genius. Why don’t you point me to the many many youtube videos you have made that explain the role of water vapour and carbon cycles (which, by the way, is an impending video. As you are well aware, having made dozens of educational youtubes yourself, it isn’t possible to put everything in a single two and a half minute video).

    UPDATE: Iain has sent through another comment, in which he accuses me of having added the clip referenced above after his comment. This is simply untrue. Rather than admit he didn’t watch the video carefully, he is flinging false allegations.
    All future comments from Iain will be deleted.

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