Global warming beyond doubt says… ex-head of Australian Coal Association

So, the evil conspiracy to hoax everyone about so-called climate change has found a new stooge! Ian Dunlop, noted communist and luddite and, um, former chairman of the Australian Coal Association, and former chief executive of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.
He’s got a stonking opinion piece in the 23/6/2011 Australian Financial Review, that should be compulsory reading… Emphasis added.

Global warming is about risk and uncertainty. It is beyond reasonable doubt that the world is warming and that human carbon emissions are a major contributor. The risks of destabilising the climatic equilibrium, under which humanity as we know it has developed through the 11,000 years of the Holocene period, are now escalating rapidly.
The glaring omission in current national discourse is any mention of these risks.
The credible climate scientists have been sounding urgent warnings for some time. There is virtually no one addressing the real risks. The science on an issue this complex will not be settled for a long time, but that requires even greater prudence in managing risk and uncertainty, particularly where climatic changes may be sudden and irreversible….

To propose a strategy of either denial or wait, see and adapt – in light of current empirical evidence and the balance of expert advice – is a serious breach of fiduciary responsibility, both corporately and nationally; a breach only too evident in the business approach to carbon pricing.

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