#Tisertosh 22 June: Volcanically stupid

Normal service has resumed. On Monday the Advertiser published about 5 letters all pushing the “carbon dioxide is only 0.038% of the atmosphere” line (presumably they keep them all and theme them?)
Yesterday they published a couple of rebuttals (not mine) among the usual tosh. This was a false and fleeting glimmer of sanity because today they’ve pulled out the latest batch of “volcanoes” letters. (Presumably on Friday or Saturday will come the “sunspots” letters?)
The Advertiser is in breach of any recognisable standard of responsibility or decency. If they had a shred of either they would hire a reputable peer-reviewed climate scientists to write a weekly column based on the beserk nonsense that is sent in (and that they continue to publish).

Just for the record:
Well, 145-255 million tonnes(metric) of CO2 are emitted by volcanoes annually. Compare with ~348 million metric tons of global CO2 emissions in 2006 from the cement industry alone.

I get my facts – from those noted climate alarmists … the US Geological Survey.

PS The top letter in the Tiser today does that classic thing of claiming that there is still a debate among the world’s scientists and pointing to a totally bogus petition. What a species. Not just the letter writer, but the Tiser staff who do this, and the sheeple (myself included) sleep-walking to catastrophe.


One Comment to “#Tisertosh 22 June: Volcanically stupid”

  1. This is a very responsible article, one only has to read the little yellow box on the top LHS of The Advertiser to find that the whole content of that page is predictable and not worth reading, the letters seem to come from usual hacks who possibly write in every day and write with scant knowledge in many cases. The letter’s page has rapidly become trash and it exposes how lucky we were that Abbott’s stunt was thrown out as the general public are ignorant, or frightened of the truth about global warming and continue to run under the flag flown by the likes of Barneby Joyce, Nick Minchan, and our idiot leader of theOpposition, Tony Abbott. Let’s have a page on what our local pollies think and where they stand…not a lot of noise coming out of Mike Rann! The Global warming is not good news.

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