Carbon tax would need to be $60 per tonne…

This from those noted communists and techno-phobes at the Australian Financial Review (21 June 2011)

$60 will cut it: energy experts
by Matthew Dunckley

Energy experts have warned that a carbon price must be higher than that already flagged by the government to produce the desired shift in the shape of Australia’s energy generation.
The federal government is in negotiations with the independents and the Greens to strike the price that the nation’s top greenhouse gas emitters will pay, but the government has already indicated the starting price will be much less than $40 per tonne.
Creative Energy Solutions director Carl Daley said if the government still wanted to achieve a 5 per cent cut in emissions by 2020 compared to 2000 levels, as signalled under the junked carbon pollution reduction scheme, it would need to put a much higher price on carbon.

Pigs will fly.

2 Comments to “Carbon tax would need to be $60 per tonne…”

  1. We are still scared of facing the population problem: no where do I see popular demands and or political evidence of support other than from Kelvin Thomson ( Alp – Vic) and popular but non political Dick Smith largely ignored by the press. Instead we have this idiot Abbott like the Man from La Mancha, not tilting at windmills but aligning himself with the ilk of Monckton, doing his utmost to destroy even a modest and almost useless 5% reduction.
    Yes! Unless there is a major proletariat uprising against the big business and political approach ALL IS LOST.

  2. I agree. Lets kill a whole lot of people and get rid of this population problem. I doubt big business would get involved in a population cull. Too hard to sell and they may wipe out some of their shareholders. Imaging the next AGM………..

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