Abbott sparks hilarity

Ah, the man is comedy gold. “We must have a referendum!!” he bellows. It gets him a few front pages, dominates the news (ltd) cycle. He then somewhat spoils the effect by admitting that if the vote doesn’t go the way he wants, he’ll ignore it

See here also.


8 Comments to “Abbott sparks hilarity”

  1. ….and the polls show Gillard is in trouble not Tony. Seems like you are on the wrong side of the fence.

  2. Are you afraid of the people having their say on this issue?
    Gillard has no mandate fro this carbon tax, it will do nothing for the climate, so what possible good can it do?

    • according to you, Iain, there’s no problem with the climate to fix anyway. Or have I misunderstood you? Or have you changed your mind?

    • Iain, it would be helpful if you ACTUALLY READ what was posted before commenting.

      It’s your mate Abbott who is afraid of people having their say on this issue. He admitted he’d ignore them if it went against him!!!

      Oh, and spare me the crocodile tears about it “doing nothing for the climate” – you’re a denialist, what do you care. According to you there’s been a 180 year conspiracy about this.

  3. He did say that the carbon tax was ..”only to save the planet.” Abbott’ words, what is the point in that?

  4. Given the fact that every instance in which Australians are asked by pollsters if they support the Carbon tax they give a resounding NO! as an answer I think that it is a pretty good bet that a plebiscite would be consistent with the polling, So the question of Abbott not being bound by its result is at best a piece of misdirection,or a moot point because Gillard would not be bound bay the result either.
    As a very dedicated environmentalist this isNOT my position: , there’s no problem with the climate to fix anyway My position is one of humility which says that it is pure and unadulterated hubris to think that humanity can “fix” the climate. In your videos you don’t express any belief that your “solutions” can be made to happen so perhaps that should give you a very big hint that you are going down a very pointless dead end here.

    • You crack me up Iain. I only reply to your unsourced comments for the lulz. I LOVE how you describe yourself as a very dedicated environmentalist but your first comments on this site were batshit crazy denialist memes and insults.

      And I also love how you’re now trotting out the “hubris” argument. I remember that one getting play in the 90s (and later) when the coal lobby were doing the whole “the earth’s very big, there’s no way we can have an impact” line. Don’t hear that one so much these days, but it’s mutated into “can’t fix the climate”.

      We are in a hole . We can stop digging. And we can start preparing for the trouble ahead. For there will be trouble. Lots of it.

      VDE. ha ha ha.(wipes tear from eye)

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