Weekly Roundup #2: June 11 to 18 2011

If YOU get involved, Adelaide Climate News will live beyond September. Otherwise it’s “so long, and thanks for all the fish.” Email adelaideclimatenews@gmail.com with offers of time and/or expertise (you need to know – or be willing to learn – how to write stories, update websites and a few other things.)

Weekly Update #2

Events in Adelaide
Er, none that I was particularly aware of.

National Climate News


Wednesday 15 Dame Elisabeth Murdoch and other prominent Australians come out in favour of a carbon tax. Andrew Bolt and Miranda Devine savage her as “Elitist Elisabeth,” who should butt out of issues she obviously doesn’t understand anything about, and go back to swanning around the world as a selfish self-absorbed narcissist…. Tumbleweed…
Friday 17 MPCCC meets. See reports here and here

International Climate Politics and other (un)natural disasters
Bonn – a proposal to move to majority (75%) voting to break the logjam doesn’t get anywhere.

Other reading and watching encountered
June 11 Guy Rundle asks, provocatively, “Are the Liberals Right?”  A must-read…

Green groups and dirty money
Sticking the boot into the Climate Institute…

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