Youtube – A Carbon History of the World

So, what would the planet look like from the perspective of a carbon dioxide molecule? One who’d been trapped for 300 million years as oil, until released in the 19th century…

Here’s my four minute attempt at an answer. Not very polished (!), but it was useful for me to make, and perhaps useful for some other folks to watch.

After making it, I found this 5 minue effort (from the Post-Carbon Institute), which is of course way better.

3 Comments to “Youtube – A Carbon History of the World”

  1. The second link is graphically scary – factually correct.
    Big business wants more, we get less, it is past time to pull back, but they could not careless.
    It is up to us the consumers to change, to demand change – that or like the lemmings, it is the cliff edge for us.

  2. ….. and the point of cartoons are? One thing to remember, there will never be a shortage of energy. Economics decides what energy and in what order we use it. Fossil fuels are cheap, abundant and easy to mine and transport. Until there is a shortage of fossil fuels or alternative energies become more exploitable, fossil fuel will remain. Coal will be around for a long time yet. Probably longer than anyone who currently votes will live. Gas will take a bigger role in the medium term. Technology will iron out the occasional nuclear system failure. Fusion I understand is the holy grail and will provide the limitless energy the world will need. I think the most sever problems facing us is a rising world population, particularly in north asia. Not sure of the solution. Don’t get fussed about Carbon Permits or Carbon Tax. Those will die a natural political death because they are politically based nonsense.

    Life Permits will be the ones to watch out for.
    No Life Permit and you have to die.

    • I’m not going to reply to the gibberish bits of your post, but the point of my youtube (I won’t speak for the other) should be fairly clear to a tolerably intelligent 8 year old; I’m sorry that you didn’t get it. The point is that we are pouring a great deal of previously sequestered carbon into the atmosphere. That’s indisputable. And it’s having an impact and will have a bigger nastier one in the future (that’s indisputable by anyone who understands climate science, or 19th century physics. You may perhaps differ.)

      States and corporations decide what energy and what order we use it in. Again, that is surely obvious to a tolerably intelligent 8 year old. “Economics” is a word.

      Holy grails, um, DON’T EXIST. Fusion has been 50 years into the future since I’ve been paying attention (25 years).

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