Climate denialist comedy gold on “Q and A”

Were other people laughing their socks off with me last night, when some young chap in the audience proclaimed that climate change “was just a theory, like gravity,” and the journo on the panel picked up and dropped a pencil and then a hat? OMG, it was priceless. Perhaps though, it wasn’t gravity, but “intelligent falling“?

Anyhow, that’s a good excuse to embed this corking video, from an equally hilarious ABC programme (gotta love them state-funded commies, eh?)

Watching it again, I see that at 1:34 they actually do the “just a theory like gravity” thing.

Finally, in other climate denialist news, the new website “the Conversation” has an open letter from climate scientists telling us the sky is blue… no, wait, that climate change is real (well, duh).

Beginning today, The Conversation will bring much-needed and long-overdue accountability to the climate “sceptics.”

For the next two weeks, our series of daily analyses will show how they can side-step the scientific literature and how they subvert normal peer review. They invariably ignore clear refutations of their arguments and continue to promote demonstrably false critiques.

We will show that “sceptics” often show little regard for truth and the critical procedures of the ethical conduct of science on which real skepticism is based.

The individuals who deny the balance of scientific evidence on climate change will impose a heavy future burden on Australians if their unsupported opinions are given undue credence.

While I’m glad to see this, I worry about the Backfire Effect and here and here and also the Streisand Effect, and whether this is just on an ‘information deficit’ model.

4 Comments to “Climate denialist comedy gold on “Q and A””

  1. What really scares me is that people who watch Q&A and say OMG share the same roads I drive on and probably participate in the Federal/State /Local voting process. Might explain the Green/Independant minority?

    • Did you get that irony bypass done privately, Mr Lord?

      Everyone has to participate in Federal and State elections. You may not have notices but we have compulsory voting here. You ARE here, aren’t you Mr Lord. I mean, there’s no chance that you’re a US based climate troll is there? Just being paranoid and all.

      And, of course, OMG it’s so obvious, that I as a card carrying Luddite, don’t drive on the roads that both you and I (assuming you’re a fair dinkum Aussie) pay for through our taxes (like the GST,).

  2. Carbon tax? I like Paul Keating’s comment “in a 2 horse race always put your money on self interest”. Bugger the future.

  3. ……and the Green/Independant minority views?? Fortunately 89% don’t agree. Labor and Gillard are toast. Tim will have to go back to writing books for a living. He won’t be on the public payroll for much longer.

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