Weekly Roundup #1: June 4 to 11, 2011

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Weekly Update #1

Events in Adelaide
On Sun June 5 2000 people attended the Say Yes rally in Victoria Square/Tarndanyangga. See ACN’s analysis here.
On Weds June 8 Tim Flannery and 4 other Climate Commissioners took part in an extended Q and A in Elizabeth. See transcript of ACN’s interview with Tim Flannery here.

National Climate News
June 4 Australia National University reports that, following death threats to its climate scientists, it has beefed up security. Sigh.
June 7 Treasurer Wayne Swan released Treasury figures on the impact of a carbon tax on the switch to gas (which isn’t nearly as “low carbon” as it needs to be)
June 9 Productivity Commission report on other countries’ mitigation strategies and policies released.

Australia is to be blessed with a return visit in July by denialist posterchild Chris Monckton (famously brutally taken down by Prof John Abraham). Sadly, he’s only doing NSW and Queensland.

International Climate Politics and other (un)natural disasters
Bonn – the UNFCCC zombie staggers on. You could say “bite me” to it and it would be like being savaged by a dead sheep.
In “Pope Still Catholic” news, Reuters reports

“BONN, Germany (Reuters) – UN talks have run out of time to meet a December 2012 deadline to put in place a binding successor to the Kyoto Protocol on curbing greenhouse gas emissions, the U.N.’s top climate official said on Monday.

“To decide new targets with equal legal force to Kyoto, countries would have to ratify them in national parliaments, said Christiana Figueres, head of the U.N.’s climate secretariat.”

3 June BBC An international research group called “The Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security” (CCAFS) predicts large parts of South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa will be worst affected.

8 June via Climate Spectator LONDON (Reuters) – China’s carbon dioxide emissions rose 10.4 percent in 2010 compared to the previous year as it surpassed the United States as the world’s biggest energy consumer, data released by BP on Wednesday showed.
China’s emissions from energy use totaled 8.33 billion tonnes last year, while global carbon dioxide emissions grew 5.8 percent year-on-year to 33.16 billion tonnes, energy major BP’s annual Statistical Review of World Energy showed.

Other reading and watching encountered
June 4 Richard Glover of the Sydney Morning Herald wonders how to make sure that today’s denialists are identifiable twenty years from now, when they’ll be denying today’s denialism, if you see what he means. Will doubtless be denounced by denialists as a Nazi/thought police stooge etc etc. (Hat-tip to Brave New Climate’s twitter feed)
Really good piece on the media/spin cycles and general frantic-ness at the failed estate blog
June 6, Michael Grubb (a senior UK climate policy wonk) asks “Has the nation lost its confidence when it comes to climate policy?
June 7 Indaily (Adelaide site) reports on research into quietening wind turbines.

Barbie ain’t green… (h/t Kym)

2 Comments to “Weekly Roundup #1: June 4 to 11, 2011”

  1. Who pays Monckton? – He is an embarrassment to logic. One of his claims to weather is that blocking highs cause it. Duh!
    With global heating the pressure systems are pushed further south, the cold fronts we used to associate with rain in winter are not coming through – that statement of his is so hollow!.
    What was normal for a million acres of wild fires in Canada in the 70’s now become 2,000,000 and the government recognises that Global Warming is the cause.
    Writing in 2004 Published in 2006, Tim Flannery said to expect more tornadoes across America. This year has seen horrific numbers and catastrophe there, not to mention droughts and in Europe and China as well.
    I wrote in Jan 2010 to the Murdock press, but was ignored:

    “And out of the ashes of the climate change warming debates rises the messiah, the one mathematician (versus scientists) who knows that it is all codswallop – Lord Christopher Monckton.

    In a push to show us that everyone is wrong about the affect of mankind on global warming we have this one person who categorically says, not only the science, but proposed cures are idiotic.

    Just maybe he is right about the cures, but anyone doubting the outcome of mankind’s behaviour, along the lines we have travelled over, at least the last century, would do well to have a quite read of Richard Jurwaski’s The Maritime Book of Climate Change. ”

    It is time to stop being patsys to skeptics! We are in real strife.

  2. Dr Paul Ehrlich: A millennium Assessment of Human behaviour! 11-11-10
    His book (one of thirty and he has written over 1000 academic papers)
    Humanity on a tightrope, available 17.95 free post:
    • He said that we are living on our capital, and you all know what that means in personal terms, but in the time and terms of humanity it is indeed serious, but the “dopes” in government and industry could not careless.
    • Too, most of us do things that really don’t matter, things like putting a brick in a toilet. He said at the end of the day that is so infinitesimally insignificant an action that nothing will benefit as toilet are not the big users of water.
    • We cannot save the earth or planet, it will be here long after we are gone!
    • 40% of all wars are for energy gains.
    • What is the second most important thing in our lives? Food! We neglect it in Australia!
    • We suffer from false news, news put out to please or divert us, all the misinformation about the IPAC ( International panel on climate change??) was the result of false news, men in alligator shoes ( Monckton) telling blatant lies or getting us to disbelieve scientists.
    • The government head of climate change in the US believes all we need to know God told Noah!
    • The one thing that will save us is empathy, we are the only animals to have empathy, yet we need more than two people to raise a family where as apes can do it alone.
    • We are the only primates to wet nurse – there was money in it!
    • In empathy we have pseudo kin: footy clubs, colleagues, common interest groups, characters on TV, real and fictional to identify with, hero’s- ine’s in books, but that we isolation discount, i.e, the further removed something is from us the less likely we are able or likely to react or support.
    • He said that we have more than enough information to act, just that we do not have the leaders to lead.
    • We should spend 10% of our time working the pavement on climate change, over population, developing a steady state and fighting against greed.
    He gave an example of empathy: a sign on a bathroom door (all doors in a hotel) saying to hang up towels not wanted to be washed to save water: It does not work any better than no sign, but where one is put up saying that a certain room has the best record for the least amount of unnecessary towel washing the hanging up shot over the roof – empathy.
    It is up to us!

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