Coalition climate spokesman on taxing polluters…

Greg Hunt is the shadow minister for Climate Change. And he is more ‘on-message’ about carbon taxes than Malcolm Turnbull.

In 1990 he co-authored a university thesis entitled A Tax to Make the Polluter Pay.

His conclusion:

“Ultimately it is by harnessing the natural economic forces which drive society that the pollution tax offers us an opportunity to exert greater control over our environment.”

Now, the pollution in question was dioxins and heavy metals, but surely Mr Hunt has to explain why carbon dioxide is so different (unless he is a climate denialist, in which case problem solved). Or why is position has changed (and I’m sure it is totally unrelated to him, um, wanting to keep his job).

Kudos to Peter Martin for digging up the thesis…

P.S. In the interests of balance, we should remember Julia Gillard said six days before the last Federal election that there wouldn’t be a carbon tax in her government…

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