Solve climate change by smoking some camels?!

Ok, the UK Financial Times is a truly great newspaper.
And this is a a great article….

Australia poised to allow camel cull

By Pilita Clark in London

Published: June 7 2011 18:55 | Last updated: June 7 2011 20:55

Killing a camel to earn a carbon credit may seem a curious way to tackle climate change, but one country is poised to allow investors to do precisely that.

The camel culling plan is one of the first to arise under the Australian government’s new “carbon farming initiative”, a scheme that lets farmers or investors claim carbon credits if they can show they have cut greenhouse gas emissions.


Disclaimer re: Animal Rights: ACN is merely reporting, not endorsing, the scheme. Please don’t get the hump with us.

One Comment to “Solve climate change by smoking some camels?!”

  1. At least it will make some room for the cattle not going to Indonesia!

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