They Call Him Bruce*

The best daily paper published in Adelaide, the Advertiser, reports that “former Economic Development Board chairman Bruce Carter has been appointed to two climate-change bodies.”

Those two bodies are
a) The Premier’s Climate Change Council

The Premier’s Climate Change Council (PCCC) is a high-level independent council that advises the Premier of South Australia Open in new window on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate change.
Members of the council come from South Australia’s public, private and not-for-profit sectors with backgrounds including business, natural resources, science and environmental management. PCCC members are appointed for a term of up to three years.
The PCCC was established under Division 2 of South Australia’s climate change legislation.

b) The board of RenewablesSA.

Its charter is to:
* Develop and oversee the implementation of a framework for attracting renewable energy investment to South Australia
* Provide strategic advice to the Government on renewable energy policy issues
* Develop pathways for investment for the various sectors of the renewable energy industry and for the various stages of the investment process, namely research and development; deployment; downstream manufacturing; services; and related industries such as transmission and distribution
* Recommend to the Premier disbursements from the Renewable Energy Fund.
The Board is expected to meet six times per year. Although it is not a statutory Board, it is required to provide the Premier with an annual report on its activities.

*I know, I know, titles of blog entries are supposed to be straightforward factual – “Bruce Carter appointed to two boards” or some such. But I thought maybe the reference to this film might be amusing…

One Comment to “They Call Him Bruce*”

  1. For the second time today I am disgusted at he low level of reporting or biased reporting, e.g., Bolt’s sensationalism, not to mention the dumb poll yesterday, in The Advertiser.
    Then just try to get a letter in, if it does not fit in their small yellow box description, top of the LHS page,where carefully handpicked letters of ennue are printed, you have only about six spaces on the RHS for frivolity.
    There is no randomness about it.

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