Zero Carbon Challenge

This text below is cut and pasted from the website of the South Australian Land Management Corporation. (hat-tip to Tim Horton South Australian Commissioner for Integrated Design for the tweet)

LMC, in partnership with the Integrated Design Commission (IDC), is challenging the development industry to aim for zero carbon, in an exciting new competition that could offer a glimpse into the future of housing in South Australia.

The Zero Carbon Challenge aims to engage the architectural, development and construction industries to submit a design, and for the winning team to construct a ‘zero carbon’ house at Lot 61, Lochiel Park.

Submissions are sought from interested people, professionals and consortia, and each team must contain an architect, an engineer and a student. The brief is to design a three bedroom home, considering the embodied and operating energy that minimises the impact for the life of the building (50 years).

The project will consist of two entry stages.
1. Call for Expressions of Interest – click the link on the right of the page for further information.
2. From these, up to five teams will be selected to take the project to full design/documentation stage. Each of these teams will be given $10,000 to cover their costs of preparing design submissions.

An information session has been organised for anyone interested in participating in the Zero Carbon Challenge. The event will take place at the Sebel Playford Hotel on North Terrace, Adelaide from 2-4 pm on Wednesday, 15 June 2011. For further information or to book a place at the session please contact Cristina Guglielmini on (08) 8207 1352.

While this is great, I’m kinda hoping most time, money and intelligence is going into retrofitting technologies, since housing stock has a very very slow turn-over. Most of the houses people will be living in in the year 2050 have already been built…

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