Sat June 11 laff riot on climate change, Port Adelaide

This is happening as part of the Adhocracy thing (June 11-13) hosted by Vital Statistix at the Waterside.

Waterside Hall

RIOT has been commissioned by Malthouse Theatre and Tipping Point through the Dara Foundation Climate Change Commission. TORQUE SHOW co-founders (Ross Ganf, Vincent Crowley and Ingrid Weisfelt), with collaborators (Carlie Angel, Daniel Jaber, Ninian Donald, Gabrielle Nankivell, Luke Smiles, Che Biggs and Geoff Cobham) will undertake a creative development of RIOT over three days as part of Adhocracy.

One of the challenges to widespread public engagement with climate change is that it’s largely been a science-led issue. We may accept the lessons of science as truth, but as a truth without meaning. RIOT asks: how can the climate become a protagonist in our life story? How do we reconnect with climate as a template for relating to our world? How do we bring a sense of urgency to a problem that is happening at a rate difficult to perceive in our day-to-day lives? Drawing on ideas that include Alvin Toffler’s prosumer and Augusto Boal’s spect-actor, RIOT explores the immediacy between our actual selves and the chaotic events we are setting into play through climate change.

Exercising the right to protest may be our single most dynamic engagement with democracy and social change in contemporary society. It is a transgression of space from a place of meeting to a point of authority. Using the form of a protest march, to create a work where climate triggers a peaceful protest into a chaotic ‘riot’, RIOT aims for a cyclical feedback loop with an audience, and in doing so, to theatrically create a tipping point in real time.

RIOT carries two very important purposes: to re-ignite protest as a form of political expression for a contemporary society and to arm its participants with a contemporary language through which to protest climate change. The work is conceived as a series of events that occur during a festival. It will have three components to a season: A ticketed physical theatre show; a free large scale climate change protest; and a series of prosumer/user generated interactions with RIOT.

Over Adhocracy, the collaborating artists will explore the choreography and other content of RIOT through investigating motifs and gestures of protest and riots, non-violent protest techniques (the physicality of passive resistance), stylization of how crowds and crowd controllers move when order is lost, flash mob techniques, and how to achieve an expanded contract between audience and performer. The artists will commence with a conversation on climate change amongst the creative team, led by Che Biggs Research Fellow – Distributed Systems and Climate Change Adaptation at the Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab and director Ross Ganf, which audiences are welcome to observe and participate in.

CREATIVE TEAM: Ross Ganf, Vincent Crowley, Ingrid Weisfelt, Carlie Angel, Daniel Jaber, Ninian Donald, Gabrielle Nankivell, Luke Smiles, Che Biggs and Geoff Cobham

* Climate change conversation (public welcome) at 1pm, Sat June 11 (60mins)
* RIOT showcase and audience experimentation, 3pm, Sun June 12 (80mins)
* RIOT showcase and audience experimentation, 3pm, Mon June 13 (80mins)

*If you plan to participate in the showcases, please where comfortable clothing (no heels!)

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