The Volcano Lovers – Climate Denialism in the ‘Tiser

The Advertiser (30/5/11) predictably runs another letter denying climate change.

“Scientists say volcanoes of the magnitude of the Eyjafjallojokull eruption in Iceland release about 40 times more C02 than all of the industrial nations put together. Against this background it makes charging a carbon tax more debilitating to our economy.”
PH Remmington, Magill.

Mr (and I will bet 50 bucks it is Mister, not Mrs or Ms) Remmington doesn’t have the good manners to say which scientists, published in which peer-reviewed journal. For all we know the scientists might be a couple of anatomy lecturers he met in a pub.

But, let’s see if we can get, you know, the facts.

To put things in perspective: 145-255 million tons (metric) of CO2 are emitted by volcanoes annually. None of these direct emissions are counted. Compare with ~348 million metric tons of global CO2 emissions in 2006 from the cement industry alone.

So the paragraph is from Larvatus Prodeo and the number is from those noted communist climate alarmists the, um, US Geological Survey.

So, that’s all volcanoes. Half the size of just one industry (admittedly a carbon-intensive one) globally. Mr Remmington is, of course, talking nonsense. On stilts. And the Advertiser is publishing it. Very responsible.

It’s unclear whether Mr/s is denying the existence of climate change per se, as opposed to it being “a natural process.” If the latter, perhaps he or she would care to explain, if it’s a natural process why the rise in atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide has been so sharp in precisely the two hundred year period that we have been burning lots of oil, coal and gas? Just a coincidence, I suppose.

But rather than come out with “it’s not happening” Mr Remmington just um, makes up a number (very comforting, numbers) and talks about “harm to the economy.”

But again, it’s the Advertiser wot chose to print such rubbish.

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